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DON'T PMS Ice Cream is the first ever ice cream to combat PMS symptoms. we include all organic ingredients that together make up this beautiful rich textured ice cream that is designed to ease into that annoying time of the month.

Wouldn’t you rather seek out an all-natural PMS cure that gives you the fighting chance to fight your PMS without any of the nasty side effects? I believe that we may have found a solution to bind all the necessary vitamins and nutrition into our ice cream.




The fatty acids found in coconuts help your hormones get where they need to go in the body and reduces inflammation. with just a single serving of our ice cream you can balance your estrogen and progesterone levels back to normal. leaving you at ease.



Our ingredients contain many vitamin rich foods to curb and suppress your appetite. one of those ingredients is our special organic dark cacao.


all natural way

when you put “toxins” into your body to suppress symptoms rather than address their causes? Is it really worth it?

Alll natural, organic, dairy free, gluten free solution delivered straight to your door.


healing starts here

ice cream repairs gut tissue and encourages the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Our ingredients are powerfully antimicrobial and antibacterial. Lauric acid deactivates harmful microbes in your gut that can lead to hormonal imbalance


mood swings

Our ice cream contains many rich magnesium sources, together with our proprietary blend of herbs we have for you an ice cream that is designed to regulate your serotonin levels. the brains feels good neurotransmitter.

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